Peace River Wildlife Center’s calendars

The Peace River Wildlife Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit wildlife rehabilitation and education center in Punta Gorda, Florida. Its mission is to rescue and rehabilitate native wildlife and educate the public.

The Center creates calendars to help educate the public about Florida’s native wildlife and the work of the Center. The 2018 calendar featured photographs taken by staff and volunteers. The 2019 calendar featured the work of one volunteer.  The 2020 calendar, the 2021 calendar and the 2022 calendar feature donated photographs. A PDF of each calendar is available by following the links. Printed 2022 calendars will be available for pickup from the PRWC at from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. AFTER the calendar is delivered. Because of the paper shortage, we are not yet certain when it’ll be printed!

Will you please consider donating up to five photographs for possible use in the 2023 calendar?

Important things to remember:

  • Because PRWC is creating this calendar, the calendar will only feature photographs of wildlife native to Florida that are treated at the Center. Many of the patients are birds but they also treat lots of others, including mammals, snakes, turtles and gopher tortoises, and more!
  • Any photograph of native wildlife taken any time anywhere by anyone may be submitted. The calendar will showcase the diversity of wildlife treated at the Center.
  • A large image will be featured above each month and maybe elsewhere. Each of these images will be printed at nearly 12” wide x 9” high. The resolution must be about 300 dpi at that size. Please do not adjust the resolution of your images, no one will be happy with how they look in the printed calendar. We also ask that images not be altered except for cropping or adjusting the exposure.
  • Several smaller images will placed throughout the calendar. These images are much smaller so the resolution does not have to be as high. We anticipate the 2023 calendar will be similar in design to earlier calendars.
  • The photographer of each image will be acknowledged by their name. Additional information – not to exceed 40 characters – may be included for the 12 featured photos.
  • We anticipate 3,000 calendars will be printed and available for pick up at the Center, probably in November.

By August 31, if you are willing to donate your photograph(s), please complete the short release form. (This link has not yet been updated for the 2023 calendar.) You may upload images to the release form or you may send them by email to or you may use a file transfer service of your choice. If you provide the images by email or file transfer service, be sure to provide your name so that the images can be tied to your release form. The online release form must be completed no matter how you provide your images.

Please spread the word to others you think may have an interest in supporting this project.

Thank you for helping the Peace River Wildlife Center create these calendars to educate the public about Florida’s native wildlife and the work of the Center.

If you wish to support the Center or the calendar, please donate directly to the Peace River Wildlife Center.