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Create a custom calendar for your organization

Calendars are wonderful tools to help spread the word about your cause and to help educate on issues of importance. We can help you create your own calendar.

Printed calendars remain popular because they combine aesthetics with utility. They help keep personal appointments and are reminders of the beauty in your world. Placing a calendar on friends’ walls makes messages about your cause and issues part of their daily lives.

There are many size and creation options but 12 inches wide x 9 inches high works well. It gives plenty of space to add personal appointments, the featured images fit in a standard-size frame for long-term enjoyment and there is space to provide information on your programs. Want to see an example of a 2023 calendar created for a nonprofit organization or a 2017 calendar created for another organization?

Each month the calendar can provide a different message about your cause. Additional pages can provide an annual report, events, guidance on issues of concern and more. The pages can also promote events and include coupons to help build interest in programs and services offered.

When you ask others to donate photos, you also build your audience of devoted fans.

Based on a recent quote* to create 3,000 12×9 inch 32-page calendars, each calendar costs less than $2. At 32 pages, 24 pages are the 12-month calendar and eight pages are covers and additional information about your organization, your programs and issues. The cost for each calendar is less if more calendars are ordered. For example, if only 2,000 are printed, the cost is $2.40 a copy. Once quantity, size, pages and paper are determined, a new quote will be obtained.

Giving them away creates tremendous good will. If you opt to sell them, they could also raise funds to support your programs. For example, if 3,000 are printed and 80% are sold for $10, approximately $18,000 can be raised.

Let me help you create a calendar specialized to your causes and issues of importance. You will also be supporting the work of GreenSync Inc. Thank you.

Maran Hilgendorf, GreenSync Inc.

*Direct Impressions is recommended for printing because of their work quality and commitment to supporting nonprofit organizations. They consistently provide quotes that are considerably less than other printers.