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Maran Brainard Hilgendorf founded GreenSync Inc. in 2017 to continue her work helping the public be better stewards of the natural environment. Samples of past work are provided.

She is a seasoned communications and grant expert who has executed lean communications programs that engaged and empowered others to fulfill a common mission. She obtained and managed grants, allowing more and improved programs and events. She created communities of practice, publications, events from trainings to conferences, videos, online outreach using websites to digital newsletters to social media, allowing diverse audiences from the interested public, children, media, scientists, resource managers and policymakers to become better stewards. All this while being responsible for various grant making, administrative and business operations.

A few examples are provided on this page as is her resume.Contact to learn more and request more examples.

Peace River Wildlife Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation and education center in Punta Gorda, Florida. Its mission is to rescue and rehabilitate native wildlife and educate the public. GreenSync Inc. helps the Center create calendars that help educate the public about Florida’s native wildlife and the work of the Center. See more examples and learn about the 2024 calendar!

Adventures in the Charlotte Harbor Watershed: A Story of Four Animals and Their Neighborhoods was published to help children in southwest Florida learn about the natural environment. For nine years it was give to 7 to 10 school districts who gave it to 18,000 children each year. Because of the popularity of the book, many created tools to make the book more useful. These tools included read-a-long videos (posted on YouTube), curriculum, art and more. Maran Hilgendorf published the book on behalf of the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program.

Calendar of beauty and diversity of the native, natural environment. More than 200 people donated images each year that show the beauty and diversity of the native, natural environment in southwest Florida. Since 2005 Maran Hilgendorf has published this calendar on behalf of the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program.

Publish 66 issues of quarterly 16-page color magazine, Harbor Happenings, for more than 4,000 subscribers and for distribution by nearly 30 partners.